And on to the next, better things...

It's been months and months and while I'd like to say I've been in the studio, creating and playing and all that, the fact is it was cold, harsh winter and the fire to be in the studio wasn't there.  It wasn't so much a balancing of all the output I did for the No.18 show but rather, just a lack of direction, purpose, and goal.

But that is done with.  I have three large projects coming up: 6x6 abstracts for a gallery collaboration in my old hometown in Ohio, the annual Narrowsburg Riverfest Poster auction entry, and a four-foot plastic bear that is going to be used to advertise and celebrate the Black Bear Film Festival in Milford, PA in October.  And past that, maybe another solo show?  

And with all that, the wheels start turning, the ideas start flowing, and the burn starts burning.