Self-portrait, September 2017

Self-portrait, September 2017

Beau Gostomsky

Geeked to comics, art, paper ephemera, distress, ink, rusty things, postal art, lettering, handwriting, altered books, rubber stamps, and paint.  

Bladerunner, Solaris, 2001, The Fall, Death Becomes Her, The Family Stone, Clue, Dark City, X-Men: First Class, Usual Suspects, Memento

The Virgin Suicides, The Night Circus, Assassination Vacation, Practical Magic, Gears of the City, Thunderer, Needful Things, Mainspring, Kracken, The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cakes, The Green Mile, The Probable Future, Wheel of Time, The Intuitionist, Hundred Brothers, Bird by Bird, Good Omens, The Belgariad and Mallorian, Stephen King, Anne Lamott, Bill Bryson, Jay Lake, Felix Gilman, Nick Bantock

Game of Thrones, Pushing Daisies, Wonder Woman, Broadchurch, Twin Peaks, Project Runway

Justice League, X-Men, Avengers, Aquaman, Hawkman, Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Magneto

Samantha James, Zero 7, Sasha Funke, Lana Del Rey, Groove Armada, Thievery Corporation, Burial, SiriusXM Chill, Pandora Radio, movie scores

Lofts and cottages, gardens, clean design, quality rather quantity, birds, bears, cats, science, stories, lists, marginalia, things that are bigger on the inside than the outside, endless old, dusty attics, genealogy, cemeteries, vodka, cold bottles of beer

Fall and Winter

Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Medium, I09, BBC, Lifehacker

V-neck t-shirts, Henley's, cowl-neck sweaters, jeans, cotton twill pants, comfortable shoes, boots

Gemini with Virgo rising 

The Hanged Man, The Knight of Cups

Email: gostomskyATgmailDOTcom